[tex-live] Supportfiles for affordable Fontsite fonts - why not on CTAN?

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Thu Mar 18 14:49:44 CET 2010

> what on earth is a `Geschmacksmuster'?  being at work, away from my
> german dictionary, i find myself thinking of convocations of s&m
> enthusiasts...

Ha, it's even untranslated in the English Wikipedia:

  Under German law, the Geschmacksmuster ("aesthetic model") is a form
  of intellectual property that extends industrial design rights over
  the visual design of objects that is not purely utilitarian.  The
  term of a Geschmacksmuster is twenty years, compared to twenty-five
  years for a community design.

And `community design' (which has the nice German name
`Gemeinschaftsgeschmacksmuster') is quite similar but newer.  So with
25 years you are on the safe side.


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