[tex-live] Supportfiles for affordable Fontsite fonts - why not on CTAN?

Philipp Stephani st_philipp at yahoo.de
Thu Mar 18 14:39:10 CET 2010

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>> Regarding German 
>> law, it looks very convincing.  The author goes into
>> great depth 
>> why fonts are not computer programs in the sense of the
>> copyright law – 
>> even the hints of (most) TrueType fonts – and can thus
>> be protected in 
>> Germany for at most 25 years as a `Geschmacksmuster'
>> only.

> what 
> on earth is a `Geschmacksmuster'?  being at work, away from my
> german 
> dictionary, i find myself thinking of convocations of 
> s&m
> enthusiasts...

A legal term that non-lawyers don't know or understand anyway, so probably it's not worth translating. I guess the main point is that fonts can be protected for at most 25 years.

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