[tex-live] bug in arabxetex package

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Mar 17 23:03:40 CET 2010

    > The sty file is named araxetex.sty instead of arabxetex.sty. This is a
    > typo and it breaks the package.

I cannot say for sure what happened, but I suspect that
arabxetex.tds.zip contained the wrongly-named file when I installed the
update.  (When .tds.zip is provided, all we do is use it as-is.)  Then
later it got updated, but I failed to notice; that check is not easy to

    Karl, Manuel: Something seems to be wrong with ctan2tl, 

I doubt it.

    which anyway does not work with arabxetex ...

Yes it does.

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