[tex-live] Supportfiles for affordable Fontsite fonts - why not on CTAN?

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Mar 17 01:25:49 CET 2010

On 16 March 2010 Philip TAYLOR wrote:

 > Wolfgang Keller wrote:
 > > From Fontsite, you can get e.g. a Bembo (Bergamo), Garamond,
 > > Sabon (Savoy), Futura (Function), Optima (Opus), all with small
 > > caps, oldstyle figures, and many others more...
 > >
 > > ...for ~15$ each (!). For a complete family.
 > >
 > > Is there anything wrong with these fonts that an amateur like me
 > > can't spot from the PDF samples?
 > Without looking at the fonts themselves, and looking only at
 > the price, I would suspect that they are clones : low-price
 > rip-offs from which the original type designer gets not
 > a single penny by way of licence fee.

Not necessarily.  Hermann Zapf told me that the Palatino fonts
provided by Bitstream and URW were created by him.  They couldn't be
called "Palatino" because Linotype registered the name "Palatino" as a
trademark.  Hermann Zapf is not happy with it.

There are also some fonts which were designed decades (Futura, Sabon)
or even centuries (Garamond) ago.  I think that nobody has to pay any
licence fee to the designer or his surviving dependants any more.  

But I must admit that I don't know where "Opus" comes from.


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