[tex-live] moving ucs back to -recommended

Yury G. Kudryashov urkud.urkud at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 06:33:26 CET 2010

> Hi everyone,
> > Somewhere between Lenny and now, ucs.sty was moved from -recommended
> > to -extra. As UTF-8 support is (I believe) a release goal, I would

> I somehow agree that making inputting utf8 with -recommended would be
> a nice thing. I don't want to dig through the dependencies now, but
> are there any specific reasons why we moved ucs package to latexextra?

Just my 2ct: ucs package is unmaintained now.

Yury G. Kudryashov,
mailto: urkud.urkud at gmail.com
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