[tex-live] TeX-Live on Windows -- problem with dviout fixed

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Fri Mar 5 20:52:28 CET 2010

On 5 March 2010 James Eastwood wrote:

 > I have just installed the Oct2009 texlive in my Windows XP machine,
 > and found that dviout hung when I used it on files with included
 > graphics.
 > When I set gsx to point to another version of ghostscript that I
 > have on my machine the problem went away.
 > Listed below are the cmd window output and the tmp files that
 > dviout produces.  I fixed the problem of the distributed version of
 > ghostscript not working by adding a Resource directory and copying
 > the gs_res.ps file from the standard ghostscript distribution to
 > the lib directory of the texlive distribution ghostscript.

TeX Live 2009 provides a "hidden" gs-8.70 for the programs which are
part of TeX Live.  It's deliberately not in %PATH% because it
shouldn't interfere with other instances of Ghostscript people have
installed on their machines.

These programs are launched by wrapper scripts which make the hidden
Ghostscript (and Perl) visible to them.  TeX Live's Ghostscript is
*not* supposed to be invoked directly from the command line.

Another thing you should be aware of:  Recent versions of Ghostscript
for Windows have the Resource directory and gs_res.ps compiled into
the binary.  The other version you installed is obviously older than


In order to find out why dviout hangs, it's better to invoke
Ghostscript by a wrapper supplied by TeX Live:

   rungs @tmp$.@@@

But you should remove the Resource directory and gs_res.ps from
tlpkg/tlgs/ before.

Which error message do you get then?

Is the file "CulhamEMlogo.eps" the only one which doesn't work?  If
yes, can you send me a copy?

 > Another problem I have is setting the dviout search path for
 > graphics files.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to the best way
 > to do this?

Don't DVI files contain paths to the graphic files already?  If dviout
doesn't find a graphics file you can use dvitype for debugging.  From
the manpage:

       dvitype - translate a dvi file for humans

       dvitype dvi_name[.dvi]


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