[tex-live] Fwd: Running In Ubuntu, within Virtualbox on Windows

Philip Stubbs philip at stuphi.co.uk
Fri Mar 5 19:21:14 CET 2010

On 5 March 2010 12:47, George N. White III <gnwiii at gmail.com> wrote:
> Interesting.   What does "kpsewhich st10-03_M1_with_L160_LED.tex" give?

Nothing at all.

> You can use "strace latex ..." to see what system call is failing.  This will
> generate a huge amount of output, so you need to set a terminal with lots
> of scrolback space or use a shell in an emacs buffer.
> Was the sample2e.aux file created?  What about log files?


> This smells like a problem with using mmap2 on a CIFS
> filesystem (using StarOffice aka OpenOffice):
> <http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=104974>
> "StarOffice is trying to mmap(2) a file in the smbfs mount point, which
> returns ENOSYS because smbfs(7fs) does not support mmap"
> At work we deal with hdf files and often have problems with apps
> failing for files on CIFS mounts due to the same issue.  On Ubuntu
> "man mmap" has explanations for a long list of possible errors.

I did a quick test with trace. The last line before it stopped did
have mmap in it. I can't give more details now, as I am at home, but I
will definitely follow this line of inquiry on Monday.

Philip Stubbs

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