[tex-live] TeX installation problem

Guillaume Jacques rgyalrongskad at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 04:14:00 CET 2010

I have successfully installed TeX live on many computers before, but
recently I tryied to install it on a friend's computer, and it failed. I
have no idea why. His system is Windows Vista, he has full administrator
privileges, and the user account control is disactivated.

I have downloaded the whole installation package before installation.

The installation program succesfully untarred a few packages, but then it
stopped and wrote the following message:

tar: Could not change access and modification times of .... Permission
untar: untarring ..... failed, stopping install.
Installation failed
Rerunning the installer will try to restart the installation.
I have googled this problem, and seen that several people have experienced
the same problem, but could not find any solution to it. If any of you could
give me some advice, it would be great. I am actively trying to promote the
use of LaTeX in my institution.

Best wishes,


Guillaume Jacques
Visiting scholar
Research Centre for Linguistic Typology
La Trobe University, VIC 3086 AUSTRALIA
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