[tex-live] virus downloaded from tug

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Mar 3 17:34:01 CET 2010

On Mi, 03 Mär 2010, Linda C M Gross wrote:
> C:\texlive\2009\bin\win32\dviout.exe
> C:\texlive\2009\bin\win32\psv.exe
> C:\texlive\2009\bin\win32\texworks.exe

If the files have the following md5sums:
d132caed244851b1a944221921611235  dviout.exe
4ea3886315f590856e6d921c54aca0f2  psv.exe
e9c1687a5375f6ad5b5e76172c46bf37  texworks.exe
and sizes
dviout.exe* 3584
psv.exe* 13824
texworks.exe* 178688

then they don't have a virus, but your anti virus program is just reporting
a fals positive.

I am quite sure that it is that way, meaning that this is a false 
positive. Detecting a virus is heuristics, and it seems it failed here.

but you never know ;-)

Best wishes

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