[tex-live] Segmentation fault (?)

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Jan 28 21:09:07 CET 2010

On 28 January 2010 Axel E. Retif wrote:

 > So I think it will remain a mystery for me. But, as I said,
 > everything seems to be working fine.

A segmentation fault is usually caused by a program or a shared
library, not by a script.  This means that the culprit is either a
program called by tlmgr, or Perl itself.

Since you are using the GUI, there is also Tk which could cause
problems if it's not installed properly.  This is quite likely because
the segfault happened after the "Completed."-message.  Hence, I also
think that the update was successful and everything works as expected.

In order to find out whether it's a Perl-Tk issue, I suggest to do the
next update on the command line:

  tlmgr --all --self

It would be nice to know whether this works.


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