[tex-live] Non-PDF documentation

Philipp Stephani st_philipp at yahoo.de
Thu Jan 28 19:18:14 CET 2010


are there any plans to convert non-PDF manuals to PDF? I think PS and DVI manuals are inconvenient for many because end users generally have no DVI or PostScript viewer installed. For example, on Mac OS X, PDFs can be viewed natively, whereas DVIs and PSs have to be converted on the fly and look much worse.
To be specific, I found at least two packages without PDF documentation: ucs has only ucs.ps.gz (using compression and PostScript), and german has gerdoc.dvi and gerdoc.tex, but no gerdoc.pdf. I created PDF versions of these manuals in my home tree, and added appropriate aliases (ucs = ucs, german = german/gerdoc, ngerman = german/gerdoc) to texmf.cnf to be able to read them.


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