[tex-live] texlive portable

Germain BOYER germain.boyer at ac-toulouse.fr
Wed Jan 20 15:14:42 CET 2010

Bonjour tex-live, 

On internet i find : 
to use texworks (or texmaker, winshell, etc..) with texlive portable i need to change the file tl-portable.bat like this :  
replace the line : 
"%ComSpec%" /k "title TL-SHELL& prompt TL %prompt%"  
by the lines : 
REM "%ComSpec%" /k "title TL-SHELL& prompt TL %prompt%"  
start "" "%~dp0TeXworks\TeXworks.exe" 

i do and it's works well. 
i also test the line :
start %~dp0TeXworks\TeXworks.exe  

and it's works to. 

what's the difference between the line : 
start "" "%~dp0TeXworks\TeXworks.exe" 
and the line 
start %~dp0TeXworks\TeXworks.exe ? 

what's better : the first line or the second line ? 
thanks for your answers and sorry for my bad english.
germain.boyer at ac-toulouse.fr 20-01-2010 

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