[tex-live] Decompressing and Installing Problem

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sat Jan 16 10:08:40 CET 2010

Hi Cornelis,

> What can I do (exept giving up)?

Many things ;-) ...

> I am starting my roots with texlive, and downloaded the iso.xz source.
> Unfortunately, I was not able to decompress it with my winRar or 7-zip  
> on windows.

For Windows: If you can use the cmd line (cmd.exe), get
and use it to decompress the .iso.xz
But then you need something to mount it, or you burn it onto a DVD.
DaemonTools come to my mind (I use it often) which creates a virtual
CD/DVD drive and can mount .iso images.

> So I tried on my Debian server where the decompression didn't work. The  
> proposed xz-utils cannot be installed, as they are missing on the  
> repository. A try with the original release didn't work either.

Strange, which release? stable/testing/unstable?
Depending on your architecture you can download either
and use that for decompression. Then you can mount the iso image
with either fuseiso, or if you can get root access, with
	mount -o loop,ro texlive2009.iso /whatever/directory
(you have to create /whatever/directory).

> data, the installation stopped with following error:
> untarring D:\texlive\2009\temp\xetex.win32.tar failed
> I have repeated the installation several times, but the result remains  
> the same on my XP prof. SP3 system (remaining 3GB FAT32 disk space).

That is *really* strange and we have not seen something similar.

Did you *remove* everything in D:\texlive\2009 before restarting?
BEFORE (!!!!) DELETING, please send me/us the xetex.win32.tar ....

Best wishes

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