[tex-live] Translation of tlmgr gui

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Jan 13 04:13:42 CET 2010

On Mi, 13 Jan 2010, Vladimir Lomov wrote:
> I thought about this too. Then may be you try again and return to tab-based
> gui. For me the GUIv2 looks unintuitive: in 'File' there are 'Load'

No I don't want that. People *were* complaining about the GUI bein
not intuitive, and I think the current status is much more 
intuitive then what we had before.

Changing anything in the Options should not be necessary but very
rarely, so making it a separate tab is too much importance for it.

To repeat: Normally nobody wants to change anything in the options
after having made the installation. So why make it as prominent
as an extra tab.

We are *only* discussing here the naming
which people might find counter-intuitive because loading
repositories is behind.

But from my personal experience I go for "File" in a a new program
(I never read manuals) if I search something, whatever it may be. And
I guess that many other will have a similar behaviour. That is the
reason it is called "File", the expectation in the users.

If many here speak up and say, please call it FooBar then we can
think about changing it to FooBar, but I don't want tabs.

Best wishes

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