[tex-live] Translation of tlmgr gui (was Re: Russian translation of new tlmgr GUI)

Manuel Pegourie-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Mon Jan 11 13:32:09 CET 2010

Vladimir Lomov a écrit :
> I also make translation for TeXworks but this program uses Qt so I
> update translation file (ts) using Qt Linguit (I just run lupdate -pro
> TeXworks.pro -ts trans/TeXworks_ru.ts and ts file is updated
> accordingly so new strings are added).
> Is there similar way to update po files? (I made translation several
> days ago but today I have to begin with ru.po file in TL ROOT).
See tlpkg/doc/howto-translations.txt (or similar name). Previously, I was 
editing the .po file with vim, but now I'm using gtranslator, which is more 
convenient for updates (ctrl-maj-pgdown is your friend).

> - 'File' is not meaningful name for this menu entry. More closely would be
>   'Repository'.

Yep, there was some discussion on this point. We thought people usually 
expect the first menu entry to be "file", so it would be good to fulfill 
this expectation. But you're right, the price is a not-so-meaningful name.

> - I don't understand the idea of 'Backup' button. If I could
>   make backup of some packages then how can I restore these packages
>   from backup? (another words: is there button to restore packages?).
I think you have to use the command-line interface to restore backups.


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