[tex-live] Missing dependency information

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Jan 5 16:31:12 CET 2010

On Di, 05 Jan 2010, Chris Lee wrote:
> error with the new 2009 installation, and going over the TeX logs it
> became apparent that the LatinModern package wasn't installed as a
> dependency for fontspec or latex or xetex. Once I installed the
> texlive-lm package, my documents started formatting properly (hooray!)
> I'm definitely not an expert at this by any means, and I have no idea
> which package specifically should be depending on lm, but jnovy says
> that his package dependencies are sourced from the upstream
> texlive.tlpdb file, so if someone could fix that so that idiots like

That might be, but the lmodern fonts are in collection-fontsrecommended,
thus if you want more than a bare-bone xetex (or tex or pdftex) you
should install the *recommended collections, or what relates to them
in Fedora.

xetex itself definitely does *not* depend on lm.
xelatex neither.
fontspec *might* default to lmodern, but pulling in automatically
all of collection-fontdrecommended is not a good idea.

So what it boils down is that we do *NOT* check on single package
cross dependencies. That means, if you are packaging each texlive
package into one distribution package you have to check yourself
what are the dependencies.

That might btw be a discussion better discussed on the tldistro mailing

Best wishes

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