[tex-live] paresse.sty and engpron.sty

Elie Roux elie.roux at telecom-bretagne.eu
Sun Jan 3 18:05:46 CET 2010

texnicien de surface a écrit :
> I've just update texlive2009 and discovered that neither paresse.sty 
> nor engpron.sty still do what is claimed
> in the doc. Runing pdflatex on paresse-ex-fr.tex gives many errors and 
> latex chokes on it.


the examples of paresse gives errors because §D^§a_§d in the .dtx file 
has been replaced by ^^a7D^^^a7a_^^a7d  in the .tex file, which gives an 
error. If I regenerate the example file in latex base mode, then 
everything works OK with the ^^ified .sty; so the .sty is ok, only the 
example is wrong. But I didn't see any error in engpron...

> Moreover, the code examples are totaly useless.

That's true. Is there a way to fix this in TeX Live (using base LaTeX 
mode for paresse.dtx -> examples.tex and the ^^ mode for paresse.dtx -> 
paresse.sty)? Otherwise Yvon would you accept a patch (removing the 
examples from the .dtx, as they are on the ctan anyway)?

> So I would like you to make them both entirely disappear from ctan and 
> hence from texlive.

I see no reason why such extreme measures should be taken...

Thank you,

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