[tex-live] sudo tlmgr of TL 2009

Christian Pleul chrisptex at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 3 07:30:47 CET 2010

Am 03.01.2010 um 01:17 schrieb Norbert Preining:

> On So, 03 Jan 2010, Christian Pleul wrote:
>> after installation of TeX Live 2009 under 9.10, I would like to update the TeX Live Manager itself and the TeX distribution via the gui. Therefore, I tried
> You installed it as root or as normal user?

I installed it with the user (chrisp) which was I created during installation and the following sudo command

sudo ./install-tl -gui wizard

from DVD. 

>> the variation with sudo returns
>> sudo: tlmgr: command not found
> Well, then the PATH for root is not set up to search the texlive bin dir.
>> How could I use the tlmgr with the appropriate user rights?
> How did you set up the path for yourself? Did you as user adjust 
> something like putting
> 	PATH=..../2009/bin/aaa-bbb:$PATH
> into your .bashrc? Or did you symlink the binaries into $HOME/bin, or
> something else?

After TeX Live installation, I modified the


of chrisp and added


> That are in fact quite TeX unrelated questions, it is about checking
> the environment of root. You could do
> 	sudo env
> and see the output for PATH and other settings.

This gives for the PATH settings


This means, I think, either to add the right PATH setting to the .bashrc of root or change the privileges of the user chrisp?

What would you suggest as the best way and how could it be done?


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