[tex-live] 2007 TeX Live distribution

David Anderson dlande.spam at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 02:28:47 CET 2010

This past January (2009) I picked up a TeX Live DVD at the Joint Math
Meetings.  This December I finally tried installing it on my netbook, which
of course doesn't have a DVD drive.  My solution was to copy it off of the
DVD to an external hard drive, and use that.

The machine for copying runs Windows XP.

Every attempt to install TeX Live from the external hard drive to the
netbook failed, despite following all the documentation available,
supplemented by significant web searching.

Finally I found a 12-hour block of time in which the 2009 version of TeX
Live could be downloaded (it actually took 11), and it worked perfectly the
first time.

My working hypothesis for the failure of the 2007 distribution is that the
XP machine didn't include the Rock Ridge data in the copying process, though
I'm afraid I do not know how I could confirm this.  If this is the case,
perhaps an explicit warning to this effect in the documentation is

Thank you.
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