[tex-live] packages with characters > 127

Philip TAYLOR in Bolsehle Ralf.Kahle at t-online.de
Fri Jan 1 14:00:54 CET 2010

Replied from Germany, while suffering from 'flu;
no objections in principle, but I would like to look
again when I am back home and well (say, within ten days).

(( Phil.
Karl Berry wrote:
>     1993/11/12 |      12548 | macros/generic/misc/verbatim.tex
> Based on "shewn" and other usage, I wonder if Phil Taylor wrote it.  Phil?
> (And if so, would you agree to some license statement a la plain.tex?
> And/or replacing the various occurrences of the \335 char with ^^dd?  At
> least I think that's what's needed.)
> Thanks,
> karl

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