[tex-live] packages with characters > 127

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jan 1 02:53:11 CET 2010

    1993/11/12 |      12548 | macros/generic/misc/verbatim.tex

Based on "shewn" and other usage, I wonder if Phil Taylor wrote it.  Phil?

(And if so, would you agree to some license statement a la plain.tex?
And/or replacing the various occurrences of the \335 char with ^^dd?  At
least I think that's what's needed.)


\catcode `\@ = 11               %%% we use commercial-at as a letter throughout;
\chardef \l at tter = 11           %%% and introduce synonyms for the \catcodes for
\chardef \@ther = 12            %%%  <letter> and <other>;
\newcount \c at unt                %%% a loop-counter;
\newcount \ch at rcode             %%% this will hold the character-code of the
                                %%%  escape character;
\newif \ifd at bugging             %%% set <true> if you want to watch the
                                %%% finite-state automaton at work;
\newif \ifshewleadingspaces     %%% set <true> if you want to see leading spaces
                                %%%  shewn as inverted square cup (explicit);
\newif \ifshewembeddedspaces    %%% set <false> if you want to see embedded 
\shewembeddedspacestrue         %%%  spaces shewn as white space (implicit);


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