[tex-live] mktexlsr ignores "rcs" on a Windows 7 machine

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Wed Aug 18 18:32:30 CEST 2010

Le 18/08/2010 18:26, Shinichi Sakata a écrit :
> Well, mktexlsr of TeXLive 2007 on my Debian Linux box, which is a
> shell script, is case-sensitive.

Let me be a little more precise: to the best of my knowledge, no script in TL
requires a case-sensitive filesystem to work correctly. Of course scripts
running in case-sensitive environments are going to work in a case-sensitive
way, but they won't break in a case-insensitive environment.

> Anyway, TeXLive 2009 contains a LaTeX package named rcs, which is
> sitting in directory rcs. The feature of the windows' version of
> mktexlsr keeps users from using it, because rcs/rcs.sty never shows up
> in ls-R. This is a bug in my opinion,

Sure it is. I think (hope) everybody agrees on that point. The only point under
discussion is, how we should solve it.

> though it can be bypassed easily
> if you know what is going on, as I mentioned in my initial message. By
> the way, rcs.sty used to be in latex/misc. A possible solution may be
> to move it back there.
No, the ultimate goal is to get rid of latex/misc. It's much cleaner to have the
files here in separate packages.


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