[tex-live] Windows XP X64 uninstall goes badly, more info.

Beuthe, Thomas beuthet at aecl.ca
Thu Aug 12 20:23:12 CEST 2010


The saga continues

>How did you test path setting?  For single user installs (non-admin)
>the user PATH should be used, otherwise the system PATH.

Several ways.
1) Get into the command line, and type "path": no path to TeXLive
2) Get into the command line and type "latex": wont execute (can't find it)
3) Right click on my computer and navigate to the system settings and look at the actual path.
   Result:  No user path set. Global path does not contain TeXLive

>Thanks for spending so much time on investigating this.  The third
>option is conditional on having admin rights, so it seems you don't
>have them on these systems.

Not at all.  It takes some time, but when I see something broken, I'd like to
try and help fix it (it's the engineer in me perhaps)

I understand your sentiments regarding administrator rights, but I do try and
make sure that I have administrator rights to all of the windows machines I log into
because I install/uninstall a lot of stuff. I have installed/uninstalled literally
dozens of packages on this machine without a problem.
Besides, why it is that only the executable things don't get deleted.
Only .bat, .cmd, .dll, and .exe files remain!
And why can I readily delete them afterwards by hand from file explorer?

>From what you describe I'm more and more convinced that this is some
>sort of write permissions / security policy settings on those systems
>that interfere.  The uninstallation of TL executables is done the same
>way as any other files, specifically, by executing:
>  rmdir /s /q "C:\texlive\2009\bin"
>command from a batch file.  You can try to execute that manually from
>the command line after failed uninstall and see if and what kind of
>error it generates.  Just be sure NOT to start the cmd.exe through
>"Run as", because that may affect the permissions you have.

I didn't try that just yet, favouring the method outlined below:

>Or better yet, do the uninstallation from the command line by
>executing uninst.bat directly:
>  call C:\texlive\2009\tlpkg\installer\uninst.bat >"%temp%\tl-uninst.log" 2>&1
>and send me the resulting tl-uninst.log file in the %TEMP% dir.

Alright, here's what I tried:

I started the command line windows from a shortcut that is targeted directly to:
I hope that does not have any consequences with regard to the permissions
you described above.

Then I executed 
C:\texlive\2009\tlpkg\installer\uninst.bat >"%temp%\tl-uninst.log" 2>&1
(without the "call", since we're not in a batch file right now)

This uninstalled everything perfectly, and removed ALL of the files.
As expected from this performance, the contents of the tl-uninst.log file is:
        1 file(s) copied.
The system cannot find the file specified.
The system cannot find the file specified.
The system cannot find the file specified.
Done uninstalling TeXLive.
The batch file cannot be found.

The only think I could note is that the path is still as follows:


I had added the texlive path manually at the end of the global string, 
so perhaps it's not surprising that is still there after the uninstall.

So I deleted the texlive path, and then re-installed.

Since this didn't show anything, I tried a thinking about a different tact.
The uninstall in the registry entry is at the following location correct?:

My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\TexLive2009

This is currently set to: "C:\texlive\2009\tlpkg\installer\uninst.bat"

How about changing it to: "C:\texlive\2009\tlpkg\installer\uninst.bat >"%temp%\tl-uninst.log" 2>&1"
instead.  But wait, I don't have enough experience with this. Perhaps the double set of quotes
might mess things up?

So I tried putting this string into the registry instead:
"C:\texlive\2009\tlpkg\installer\uninst.bat >C:\tl-uninst.log 2>&1"

But that didn't want to work...
The system now thinks TeXLive is already uninstalled, which is clearly incorrect.
when I set it back to "C:\texlive\2009\tlpkg\installer\uninst.bat" again,
everything reacts properly again.

Anyway, that's as far as I got.

Perhaps you can think of something else?



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