[tex-live] generating luatex-plain.mem

Élie Roux elie.roux at telecom-bretagne.eu
Wed Sep 30 16:14:12 CEST 2009

I think we don't understand each other... let me explain more in order
to talk about the same thing:

We can use a format in the mplib of LuaTeX, and I think it's something
that should be done. In LuaTeX we can use a .mem file that was
generated by mpost, like the one in TeXLive 2009, but at one
condition: this file must be generated with a mpost with the exact
same version of the mplib as in LuaTeX. This is the case in TeXLive
2009, so I could use mpost.mem.

The thing is, I don't think it's reliable since users (or TeXLive)
may, for example, update LuaTeX, and thus have a version of mplib in
LuaTeX that doesn't match the one of mpost. I also think it's not
really a good idea to generate a plain.mem in the current directory
when LuaTeX doesn't find an appropriate .mem file. The solution we
came up with after a long discussion with Karl was the following: as
the build process of TeXLive doesn't allow to generate a
luatex-plain.mem from LuaTeX, we would copy mpost in luatex-plain.mem
for the initial release (because the versions of metapost match), and
let the users who update LuaTeX update this file manually. Like this
the packages using the mplib of LuaTeX can use this .mem file which
should be the good one, even in the case where the versions of LuaTeX
and mplib do not match. If the packages use mpost.mem, it's 100% sure
they will fail if the mplib of LuaTeX and mpost differ... with the
solution of the luatex-plain.mem, users have a chance to have a clean

Thank you,

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