[tex-live] Getnonfreefonts does not enable map files when fonts are already installed

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Sun Sep 27 22:58:33 CEST 2009

On 27 September 2009 Axel Kielhorn wrote:

 > Hello!
 > After instaling TL 2009 I ran getnonfreefonts-sys to update the  
 > nonfree fonts.
 > It told me that the fonts are alreday installed, which is correct and  
 > it did't enable the map files, which is not correct.

Hi Axel, 
yes, getnonfreefonts doesn't have a real package manager.  The problem
occurs whenever you replace TeX Live by a newer release.  But you
don't have to do anything manual, can install again using the the
--force option.

I know that there is room for improvements but I don't want to change
too much now.  The problem is that currently there can only be one
system-wide updmap.cfg which is created again if you install a newer
version of TeX Live.

Norbert provides a mechanism which allows people to put map-file
snippets to texmf-local which are used when the updmap.cfg file is
created.  But even if I would add support for it now, you have to
install the fonts again (in order to create the snippets), but you
benefit from it when you update to TL-2010.

On the other hand, Karl plans to write updmap from scratch.  The new
version will certainly provide some features which help to solve this
problem (and a lot of others).

ATM I hesitate to change getnonfreefonts significantly, especially
because there is not much time to test new code before TL-2009 is
carved in stone.  I don't want to break anything now.

 > I enabled the map files manually and everything is fine now, but this  
 > could cause a problem when updating from TL 2008 with the nonfree  
 > fonts in texmf-local.

I don't see any problems here.  What you did is absolutely correct,

  getnonfreefonts --all --force

is more conveniant.

The nonfree fonts in texmf-local are absolutely harmless.  They only
can be harmful if file names clash with files provided by TeX Live,
but if you encounter such a problem, please inform me immediately.


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