[tex-live] [ft-devel] Re: Fw: "CMap Resources" open source project

Ken Lunde lunde at adobe.com
Thu Sep 24 15:00:05 CEST 2009


You wrote:

>> I discussed this with the Acrobat team today, and putting the  
>> Acrobat mapping files under the same open source license sees very  
>> favorable.
> Nice :-)

This is one of the benefits of both working at Adobe Systems and  
having Acrobat's ear. ;-)

>> If I can make it happen, it may take until the end of October for  
>> the open source project to go live.
> In the poppler[1] project we also would also like to see files like  
> Adobe-Japan1-UCS2 be released under a free license since we use  
> them. I think they are part of those "Acrobat mapping files" you  
> mention, but just to be sure.

The Adobe-{CNS1,GB1,Japan1,Korea1}-UCS2 files are the "ToUnicode"  
mapping files, and are among the Acrobat mapping files that we are  
discussing. They are a special case of the Acrobat mapping files in  
that they specifically map CIDs to character codes, specifically  
UTF-16BE, in a unidirectional manner.


-- Ken

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