[tex-live] datestamp in texcat

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Sep 24 14:02:29 CEST 2009

On Do, 24 Sep 2009, Alexander Cherepanov wrote:
> > The procedure is: The catalogue info for a package is only updated when
> > the package's actual files are updated, ie, the svn revision of
> > something changes.
> And the number of this svn revision goes to the revision property of 
> the package in texlive.tlpdb, right?

Yes, more specifically, the maximum of the svn revision numbers of the
files in the package and the tlpsrc file.

Still, the tlpdb is rebuild every day and the catalogue info is
merged into the tlpdb on that daily basis.

> Maybe I'm missing something very simple here but it looks to me that 
> revision 13530 of the package parrun alone have seen 4 different 
> catalogue-date's. Please shed some light.

As said, the catalogue does not influence the revision numbers, but
updates to the catalogue are reflected in the tlpdb, but will not
trigger a change in the revision numbers.

Does this make it clearer?

Best wishes


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