[tex-live] Fw: "CMap Resources" open source project

Ken Lunde lunde at adobe.com
Wed Sep 23 04:04:50 CEST 2009


You wrote:

> Just curious, it does not seemed to contain "Unicode Mapping files"  
> like GBK-EUC-UCS2, Adobe-GB1-UCS2, GBpc-EUC-UCS2, etc. Are they  
> dropped? Because it is useful for dvipdfmx to generate correct  
> bookmarks if the source encoding is not Unicode.

These are not CMap resources, but they indeed use CMap syntax. It is  
thus easy to confuse them with genuine CMap resources. A genuine CMap  
resource maps character codes to CIDs in a unidirectional manner.

Some of the files you mentioned, such as Adobe-GB1-UCS2, are ToUnicode  
mapping files, which unidirectionally map CIDs to UTF-16 character  
codes. The others map between character codes, or have other  
specialized purposes for Acrobat or Distiller.

I maintain all CMap resources at Adobe Systems, and although the  
Acrobat team manages the ToUnicode mapping files, I am the one who  
maintains them. Almost all of the other Acrobat-specific mapping files  
(that use CMap syntax) have not changed for years. If memory serves,  
most were introduced during Acrobat 4.0 development, and haven't  
changed since then.

If these Acrobat-specific mapping files are to be placed under the  
same open source license, I will need to work with the Acrobat  
development team. I would prefer that they be included in a separate  
open source project.


-- Ken

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