[tex-live] suboptimal filename parsing in miniltx.tex

Jan Kaspar jan.kaspar at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 16:12:32 CEST 2009


I've experienced a problem with \includegraphics command containing a full
path, when run via the plainTeX interface to the graphicx package. For
instance this would result into the problem:

\input graphicx
\input picture

Tracking it down, it's been revealed (see
that it is caused by a wrong filename parsing in miniltx.tex. Here is
a suggestion for improvement (it solves the problem):

\def\filename at parse#1{%
    \let\filename at area\@empty
    \expandafter\filename at path#1/\\

\def\filename at path#1/#2\\{%
     \def\reserved at a{\filename at simple#1.\\}%
     \edef\filename at area{\filename at area#1/}%
     \def\reserved at a{\filename at path#2\\}%
  \reserved at a

  \def\filename at simple#1.#2\\{%
       \let\filename at ext\relax
       \edef\filename at ext{\filename at dot#2\\}%
    \edef\filename at base{#1}}
  \def\filename at dot#1.\\{#1}

Cheers, Kašpi.

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