[tex-live] datestamp in texcat

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Sep 19 23:46:50 CEST 2009

Hi Alexander,

    AFAIU this catalogue is used at least to populate texlive.tlpdb. 

Well, not exactly ... for the sake of precision: What ultimately
"populates" texlive.tlpdb, in the sense determining what packages are
included, are the .tlpsrc files, nothing else.  The "critical"
information used by tlmgr for updates, like the file lists and revision
number, is all determined from the repository, not the Catalogue.

Then, where we can determing a matching Catalogue entry, we import
"bonus" info, like the descriptions, license, date, etc.

    All I tried to do is to help, 

I appreciate your efforts.  Sorry if I sounded testy.  It seemed like
you were reporting the same bug over and over, when we had already
(thought we had) dealt with it, and it was simply due to unrelated
issues that the tlpdb hadn't been updated and therefore not visible.

    It's not yet in public texlive.tlpdb.

Actually, now the dates for parrun and shipunov are broken in a
new way.  At this point I do want to get it right.  Maybe fixed tonight :).


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