[tex-live] TeX install on single-layer DVD

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Fri Sep 18 00:15:01 CEST 2009

On 17 September 2009 Philip TAYLOR wrote:

 >> So providing an ISO image is the very same as the first step
 >> of duplicating. So if we provide a .iso then that is fine.
 > But it doesn't address Gianluca's problem, which is that after
 > duplication he wants to end up with a single-layer DVD from which a
 > non- computer-savvy student can install TeX Live on "any reasonable
 > platform".

Where does the problem occur?  If your DVD drive can read double-layer
DVDs and you copy the content to a hard disk, either as an ISO image
or as a directory tree, the information that the stuff came from a
double-layer DVD is lost.  You can also download the ISO image from
the internet.  In both cases you can burn as many single-layer DVDs as
you want.

Technically speaking, copying a file *always* means to create a new
one and to copy the ***content*** (and finally adjust the time stamp
of the newly created file).  

Copying a file from a double-layer DVD to a single-layer DVD is
similar to copying a file from an NTFS filesystem to FAT32 (which you
have on your USB stick).  You are just copying the content.

I must admit that I don't understand the problem at all.

Or is the problem that a double-layer DVD can't be read?

Gianluca, what did you try and what error messages did you get?

Regarding the not-so-computer-savvy students you mentioned, I think
that TeX Live can be installed quite easily nowadays on all supported
systems.  It's not necessary to change the default settings in the
installer menu, it's sufficient to simply press the "install" button.
Maybe you can give this advice to less experienced students.  I think
that everybody who is able to extract a ZIP file should better use the
TeX Live network installer.

If your students run into problems though, just point them to this
mailing list.


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