[tex-live] TeX install on single-layer DVD

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Sep 17 21:31:11 CEST 2009

 From the responses of Vladimir, Robin et al, there
seems to be some sort of communication problem taking
place.  Gianluca asked (reasonably enough, IMHO) for
a version of TeX Live that would be sufficiently
small to fit on a single-layer (4,7Gb) DVD.  Tomek
responded that "the .iso image of TL from the last
year is ~2.5BG".  I pointed out that Gianluca isn't
asking for an ISO image, but rather for a DVD which
he can then duplicate.  Vladimir then wrote

> but Gianluca can download the ISO image, burn it (to a single layer DVD),
> and then duplicate it any number of times for his students (or burn
> copies from a downloaded ISO image, which is faster than duplicating a
> DVD, because duplication involves making an ISO image from a master
> copy).

but what has not yet been clarified is what the space
occupancy will be once the ISO image has been burned
to a DVD.  This is surely the real issue : what matters
is not how large the ISO image is, but how much space
that image expands to when burned to a DVD.  And as far
as I can tell, no one has yet provided this data.  If
it is less than 4,7Gb, then all is well, and Gianluca
can proceed; if it exceeds 4,7Gb, then the problem
still remains.  I have to confess I do not understand
what point(s) Robin was seking to make at all.

** Phil.

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