[tex-live] ovp2ovf with VPL input

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Sep 16 01:52:54 CEST 2009

    I'll try to do it ASAP as TeXLive executables will be frozen soon

As far as I'm concerned they are frozen now (and have been for some
time).  I don't plan to ask for more rebuilds unless there is some
really disastrous new bug report in the core programs.  And sorry, but I
don't count ovp2ovf as a core program :).

Lars, I think the best approach will be to take our time and debug it
properly.  It's no problem to compile binaries for you to use when the
time comes, regardless of whether we update TL.

Peter Breitenlohner has also been working on the source tree; I don't
know if he's attempted to deal with the parse errors.

As I recall, Akira needed the C implementations of these tools, and that
is why we are using them, instead of the older web implementations.

Peter/Akira/Elie/anyone, the messages from Lars are in the omega and
tex-live mailing list archives at http://lists.tug.org.


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