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Alexander Cherepanov cherepan at mccme.ru
Tue Sep 15 22:51:34 CEST 2009

Hi Norbert!
On Fri, 11 Sep 2009 18:53:35 +0200, Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at> wrote:

>> I have a couple of more questions about texlive.tlpdb if you don't 
>> mind.

> No we don't mind ;-) (Although some might not believe it)


>> 1. Files from tlpkg/tlperl/ are mentioned twice - as "binfiles 
>> arch=win32" in 00texlive.installer and as "runfiles" in tlperl.win32. 

> Yes. tlperl.win32 is the normal package. the 00texlive.installer is
> a special package, like every package starting with 00texlive. We use
> it to collect files we need in the installer packages (.zip, .tar.gz).
> It is not a package you can install with tlmgr.
> Does that explain your question.

Yes, thanks, for now that's exactly what I wanted to hear, I'm not yet 
ready to dig deeper to texlive infrastracture.

>> Some files from tlpkg/installer/ are also mentioned twice, are 
>> mentioned twice and tlpkg/installer/tar.exe -- even 3 times. Is it 
>> normal?

> Twice is fine, in 00texlive.installer and tlperl or some other places.
> Trice is bad. In fact it is true, I found that tar.exe is listed in:
>       00texlive.installer binfiles.win32, runfiles
>       texlive.infra.win32 binfiles
> One entry in 00texlive.installer is wrong, I fixed it locally and
> will commit ASAP.

Well, then I'm glad that I've mentioned it.

>> 2. There are some packages (like cyrillic.win32) without any files. Is 
>> it normal?

> Hmm, the other cyrillic.ARCH packages have
>       rubibtex
>       rumakeindex
> I guess we have to ask Akira about that. Or does anyone else here have
> an idea? I not even know what these files are.

These are wrappers around bibtex/makeindex for usage with Russian via 
inputenc. The problem with such wrapper around pristine makeindex is 
that it gives case-sensitive sorting only. (And personally I don't use 
inputenc for any real work so don't need any wrappers around 

There is a hacked version of makeindex which adds support for main 
russian encodings. Maybe it would be a good candidate for inclusion 
into texlive but I'm not sure.

But suppose for a minute that there is no win32 version of 
rubibtex/rumakeindex, why have empty package at all? There are other 
such (empty) packages:


To the contrast there are no packages xindy.mips-irix, 
asymptote.mips-irix, asymptote.sparc-linux etc. at all.

>> * Package parrun has a strange value for catalogue-date:
>>   catalogue-date 2007-02-24 15:09:57 +0100 (Sat, 24 Feb 2007) $
>> All other packages don't have anything after timezone.

> We take the date string 1-1 from the TeX Catalogue, so it should be fixed
> there. Robin?

This seems to be taken care of in other mails.

>> * Several packages are not on ctan and therefore have empty 
>> catalogue-ctan:
>>   colorsep
>>   dvips
>>   gustlib
>>   kpathsea
>>   latex
>>   texdoc
>>   times
>>   xmlplay
>> More curious than erroneous.

> That must be fixed in the Catalogue by adding
>       <ctan path='....'/>
> I am sure that in one way or the other these things *are* on CTAN.
> Hope that answers most of your questions.

Even more than I hoped for:-) Thanks a lot.

Alexander Cherepanov

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