[tex-live] Copy TexLive to a new PC

Steve MC Han hmc0907 at yahoo.com
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I downloaded TexLive2008, but after dvips -> ps2pdf, it showed smaller paper size, which I couldn't figure out how to correct at that time.
For trial version of TL, I wouldn't even dare try to download it. It's only for those experts, I know.
When TexLive 2009 would be available? Could you make it a bit simpler to download and use it?

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2009/9/10 Steve MC Han <hmc0907 at yahoo.com>:
> Thanks Tomek,
> My OS is both window vista. It seems like more complicated than I thought.
> Only reason why I want to do this is when I downloaded TexLive 2008 through
> internet, I've never been completely successful. My old PC with TexLive 2007
> has a perfect setting I need, so after some frustration, I thought copy
> TexLive 2007 from old PC might be a good idea.

Ah, my instructions were for TL'08, I think that there would be still
some differences to TL'07, e.g. TEXMFCNF variable should be set AFAIR.
I would advice to just reinstall TL on the new PC.

In the upcoming release we should (hopefully) have much better support
for Vista and Win7. Pretest version is available now if you want to
try it:




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