[tex-live] Difficulty compiling

Scott D Friedemann scott at friedemann.us
Fri Oct 30 20:52:39 CET 2009

I am attempting to compile the latest sources, but every time it stalls 
at the same place. 
Platform: FreeBSD 8.0
I am running the Build script without options.  Using the --debug switch 
stalls at the same place. 
Below are the last few lines of output:

** Configuration summary for TeX Live 2009-10-10:

   compiling for i386-unknown-freebsd8.0
   prefix:                    /usr/home/scott/texlivebuild/source/inst
   enable_shared:             no
   enable_multiplatform:      yes
   enable_cxx_runtime_hack:   yes

** Next run `make' to configure and build each library and program.

       32.14 real         7.50 user         7.02 sys
+ eval time make world
+ time make world
Making all in texk/kpathsea
echo "/* paths.h: Generated from texmf.cnf. */" >paths.tmp
sed -e 's/%.*//' -e 's/^[       ]*//' -e 's/[   ]*$//'   | grep '^[     
]*[A-Z0-9_]*[   =]'  | sed '/^$/d'  | sed 's/^\([^  =]*\)[  ]*=*[   
]*\(.*\)/#ifndef DEFAULT_\1%#define DEFAULT_\1 "\2"%#endif/'  | tr '%' 
'\012'  | sed -e 's%\$TEXMFCONFIG%/nonesuch/texmfconfig%g'  -e 
's%\$TEXMFDIST%/nonesuch/texmfdist%g'  -e 
's%\$TEXMFDOCDIR%/nonesuch/texmfdocdir%g'  -e 
's%\$TEXMFLOCAL%/nonesuch/texmflocal%g'  -e 
's%\$TEXMFMAIN%/nonesuch/texmfmain%g'  -e 
's%\$TEXMFSYSCONFIG%/nonesuch/texmfsysconfig%g'  -e 
's%\$TEXMFSYSVAR%/nonesuch/texmfsysvar%g'  -e 
's%\$TEXMFVAR%/nonesuch/texmfvar%g'  -e 's%\$TEXMF%/nonesuch/texmf%g'  
-e 's%\$VARTEXFONTS%/nonesuch/vartexfonts%g'  | sed -e 's%;%:%g'  

I'm obviously missing something, but the output doesn't tell me anything 

Can someone point me in the right direction to make progress?


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