[tex-live] TL '09 on Ubuntu

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Oct 26 01:28:13 CET 2009

Hi Joel,

On So, 25 Okt 2009, Joel C. Salomon wrote:
> I’ve got an Ubuntu system with TeX Live 2008 installed (via web
> installer), and I’m going to want to upgrade when TL ’09 is released.
> (I’m pretesting TL ’09 on my Windows box and I’m quite impressed.)

Good to hear, thanks a lot.

> Should I install TeX Live from the web installer when the release
> happens, or would it be better to wait until a Debian/Ubuntu repository
> becomes available?  (I’ll be uninstalling TL ’08 first.)

I general we recommend installing the system as shipped by your
distributor, Ubuntu in this case. But since I know that it will
not happen tooo fast that there will be TL2009 packages in Ubuntu
(becasue I am the maintainer of TL packages in Debian, and I know
that we will upload soon to experimental, but for sid it will take time)
I suggest install from the net now, and you can still switch to
Ubuntu packages later.

> What will the trade-offs be?  Will one be a better fit for the system
> than the other?  Will there likely be a long wait for the repository to
> be made available?

Long wait is hard to say. There are pre-test packages for Debian
available, but far from perfectly working. Tradeoffs: You will not get
tlmgr, because -- as in all distributions shipping TL -- it will not
be installed. It interferes with the normal package manager (APT in our 
case) and thus cannot be installed. (This will change as soon as I have
implemented tlmgr user mode that manages $HOME/texmf).

Best wishes


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