[tex-live] Report from Windows XP: Pretest TeX Live 2009

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri Oct 23 17:36:31 CEST 2009

Hi Pavel,

thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!

On Fr, 23 Okt 2009, Pavel Striz wrote:
> Installation (downloading files) was slightly slower but everything went  
> fine.

That is probably a problem of the mirror, the speed is only limited by
the network. Well, maybe unpacking, but I don't believe that it is
actually smaller.

> I only noticed that the text on the thank you pane moved too much to the  
> right side. I have already informed Mr. Madr who is working on the Czech  

That is a known problem and a bug in the perl/Tk we ship. It does not
count the non-ascii characters properly, thus the breaks are done wrong.

Sorry, we cannot change that this year, but hopefully will have 
a better replacement working next year (or during the year already).

> A general question: Are you considering to extend TeX Live to be able to  
> install all/some other tools and packages available from the www.ctan.org 
> server?

That are in fact a lot of questions at once:
- tex/font/etc packages: we want to include all free one, if something
  is missing and free (enough) please let us know
- programs: that is the hard part, since integration needs a lot of work.
  we do this for programs we consider important (or are easy to integrate)
  and we are open to suggestions.

> After that, I was working on setting LuaTeX in ConTeXt. Notes from this 
> part follow.

ALready answered.

> The ctxtools script was asking for 0.43 version or newer (noticed from 
> the log file). Pretest TeX Live contains version 0.40. The problem was 

We hope to set up an alternative luatex repository so that you can 
update your luatex with tlmgr at some point.

Best wishes


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