[tex-live] Error with hyperref v6.79b

Uwe Siart usenet at siart.de
Wed Oct 21 10:33:37 CEST 2009

I can't tell if this is a TL build defect or a bug in hyperref,
therefore I post it here and also in cc to Heiko. Please ignore if the
message appears in the wrong place.

With the latest update I'm getting an error from the hyperref package if
the document uses UTF-8 encoding:

% -------------------------
% -------------------------


| ERROR: Undefined control sequence.
| --- TeX said ---
| \GenericError  ...                                
|                                                     #4  \errhelp \@err@     ...
| l.29   Hypertext links for LaTeX]

and in hyperref.sty I see the following strange characters:

  [2009/10/19 v6.79b^^a0 % <--
  Hypertext links for LaTeX]

The same in the *.def files.


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