[tex-live] Broken dependencies among sty files in TeX Live 2009 distribution

Jindrich Novy jnovy at redhat.com
Mon Oct 19 15:52:54 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I have been playing with automatic dependency generation and updated
the TeX Live 2009 repository for Fedora with the information about
styles required and provided by a particular package.

Unfortunatelly it found that not all sty files required by other
packages are shipped within TL2009.

Some of them are optional (\IfOption{} or \IfFileExists{}) and some

missing sty file	required by		type
amsjpa.sty		amsrbeta.sty		optional
exerquiz.sty		eCards.sty		required
html.sty		harvard.sty		optional
linenox0.sty		ednotes.sty		optional
xetex-inputenc.sty	luainputenc.sty 	required
axodraw.sty		hep.sty			optional
marn.sty		margbib.sty		optional
docindex.sty		docindex.sty		required
web.sty			eCards.sty		required
here.sty		verbasef.sty		required
biblatex.sty		gcite.sty		required
chngpage.sty		eskdspecii.sty,eskdx.styrequired and optional
gradient.sty		prosper styles		optional
lucidabr.sty		libertine.sty		optional
newcommand.sty		xoptarg.sty		required
slope.sty		PPRmancini.sty		optional
MinionPro		classicthesis.sty	required
mathtime.sty		mtgreek.sty, klups.sty	required
tree-dvips.sty		ps-trees.sty		required
asyprocess.sty		asyfig.sty		required
lucasual.sty		rmpage.sty		required
lmodern.sty		manual.sty,dtk.sty	required and optional
lhelpx.sty		lhelp.sty		optional
fancytooltips.sty	eforms.sty		required
lgrind.sty		lstdoc.sty		optional
lucida-helvetica.sty	rmpage.sty		optional
pictex.sty		pictex2.sty		required
inpmath.sty		inputenx.sty		optional
emlines.sty		struktex.sty		optional
inicap.sty		amsrbeta.sty		required

Please note that styles with type "required" will fail every time even
with the scheme-full installed. It would be nice to have all these
cases addressed.


Jindrich Novy <jnovy at redhat.com>   http://people.redhat.com/jnovy/

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