[tex-live] Status of restricted \write18 and epstopdf conversion

Akira Kakuto kakuto at fuk.kindai.ac.jp
Mon Oct 19 04:47:51 CEST 2009

Alexander Cherepanov wrote:

... ...
> The remaining items are only for the case of Windows.
> 5. In tex, special symbols in \write18 are not handled properly, so
>       repstopdf input.eps & echo Pwned
>       repstopdf input.eps | echo Pwned
> works fine;-) Seems \write18 should be switched off entirely on 
> Windows (short of fixing tex binaries).

Did you test those? In restricted mode,
\write18{repstopdf input.eps & echo Pwned}
\write18{repstopdf input.eps | echo Pwned}
fail on Windows.
(!!! Error: Unknown option or too many input files)


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