[tex-live] REVTeX 4.1 Released

Mark Doyle doyle at aps.org
Tue Oct 13 21:26:25 CEST 2009

Hi TeX Live folk,

I just released the first update to REVTeX since 2001. The new package  
is named REVTeX 4.1. I understand you are in the process of putting  
together the 2010 TeX Live distribution and would really appreciated  
updating REVTeX to version 4.1 for your release. I hope it isn't too  
far into your release cycle. I am working on uploading the new files  
to CTAN. In the meantime, they are available from http://authors.aps.org/revtex4/revtex4-1.zip 
  (this will always be the official version). Within this .zip is  
another zip file called revtex4-1-tds.zip which unpacks to the TDS  
layout. Please let me know if you have any concerns or comments.

Best regards,

Mark Doyle
Assistant Director, Journal Information Systems
The American Physical Society

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