[tex-live] License for kdgreek: nosell?

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Sun Oct 11 15:36:20 CEST 2009

Martin Schröder <martin at oneiros.de> writes:

> 2009/10/11 David Kastrup <dak at gnu.org>:
>>> 2009/10/11 David Kastrup <dak at gnu.org>:
>>>> It is also not very clear about whether modification and redistribution
>>>> is allowed.  Every second sentence suggests something different.
>>> I strongly suggest changing the license to two-clause BSD.
>> Not for us to decide.
> Of course. But BSD seems to be what he wants.

I don't get the impression that all of his licensing terms were written
with the same intent in mind.  I can't even rule out that "GPL" was
originally my idea for my contribution of kdgreek.sty, and he went with
that without looking too closely into it.  It has been quite long ago.

"Don't bother me with that license nonsense, the stuff should just be
kept free" seems more like what I sense.  Where "don't bother me"
evaluates to BSD or LPPL, and "should be kept free" to GPL.

The world is complicated.

David Kastrup

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