[tex-live] License for kdgreek: nosell?

Alexander Cherepanov cherepan at mccme.ru
Sat Oct 10 22:37:01 CEST 2009


contain the following text in the preamble:

%       This file is part of the greektex package and abides to
%       copyright laws of the GNU general public software licence
%       You are allowed to use or modify this file as long as the
%       original authors are clearly mentioned. It is ILLEGAL to sell
%       any part of this work or work derived from it. You may not
%       charge for this work except to cover for reasonable media
%       expensess.
%	K J Dryllerakis (C) 1991-1992 

This statement is self contradicting: first it says that it's GPLed 
and then it says that it's illegal to sell it. Should probably treated 
as nosell.

(It's somewhat ironic that the license is called "GNU general public 
software licence". Maybe the author predicted in the 1992 the 
appearance of GNU documentation license?:-)

For a reference, from the catalogue entry kdgreek.xml:

  <license type='gpl' checked='2008-10-17' file='*.mf'
           version='3.1' username='robin'
           note='despite every mf file having a gpl header, none of
                 the macros do...'/>

Alexander Cherepanov

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