[tex-live] tl09 release status: coming up

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Fri Oct 9 13:24:08 CEST 2009

Joseph Wright a écrit :
> Like Manue, I also set out to do some testing. However, I know a bit
> more about Windows so I can provide a (sort of) solution.
> I downloaded rsync from
>  http://www.doering-thomas.de/page.php?seite=1&sub=6&lang=en#rsync
> (this is the Cygwin version but without needing all of Cygwin).
Oh, I'm happy I read this before trying with yet another version of rsync.

> you get Access Denied. This is due to the way rsync sets Windows file
> permissions. So I logged on as the Administrator on my system, and used
> the Security part of the Properties box to take ownership of everything
> I'd rsync'ed, and reset all of the file permissions to "Inherited" (i.e.
> removed everything that rsync had set). Then I ran install-tl again, and
> all was fine.
That's good news!

> Conclusion is that rsync on Windows is not easy to convince to use the
> appropriate file permissions: that is not TeX Live's fault. Resetting
> them is not too bad if you know how, but I'm not sure how many people
> do. So I'd suggest that rsync on Windows is really for the expert only:
> something like ftp seems more sensible, overall.

I agree.

> (Of course, if you
> rsync to a memory stick or something else that is FAT32 formatted then
> there should not be an issue.)
Maybe fat32 is quite a good solution here. As you mention, rsync is mainly
usefull for installing of many hosts, and nowadays it oftne invloves a (fat32)
USB stick.

> As an aside, I'm not sure rsync is actually much faster than just
> downloading install-tl.zip and letting the batch file do the
> downloading. I'd suggest that for a single-user installation there is
> not likely to be much in it (of course, if you are installing on lots of
> systems, then downloading first is the right way to go).
Last year's experience proved that, if not faster, rsync is sometimes more
reliable that netinstall even for a single installation, depending on the mirror


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