[tex-live] More shortdescs for texlive.tlpdb

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Oct 7 14:09:40 CEST 2009

Hi Alex,

On Wed, 07 Oct 2009, Alexander Cherepanov wrote:
> 1. Remove unused variable in TLPOBJ.pm:


> 2. Record catalogue mapping in texlive.tlpdb when package name differs 
> from catalogue id. It's not necessary but it documents what 
> quest4texlive have found.

Installed. That is not bad, for example in amsldoc-vn we now have:
	 name amsldoc-vn
	 category Package
	 revision 13530
	+catalogue amslatexdoc-vietnamese
	 shortdesc Vietnamese documentation.
	 longdesc This is a Vietnamese translation of amsldoc, the users' guide
	 longdesc to amsmath.
which is something good to know.

> 3. Remove bin- part from texlive names in the Catalogue in-memory.


> 4. Finally, a patch to add explicit mappings to catalogue into tlpsrc 
> files. It adds the following mappings:

Installed, but one is a bit strange for me:

>   beebe                     biblio

I am not sure about that, maybe someone can comment on that.

> Either they are packages specific to texlive, or they don't easily map 
> to any catalogue entry, or I don't know the mapping.

Don't know, but some of them, in fact most of them, are in fact not
specific to texlive.

Thanks a lot for all your work, that is of great help!!!!


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