[tex-live] [BUG] TeX font native hinting bug with FreeType

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Oct 5 23:53:33 CEST 2009

    This is to report a bug against TeX's default font. Please tell me if
    I should have posted that somewhere else. 

Yes, somewhere else.  texhax at tug.org generically.  But see below anyway.


I certainly agree with your analysis of those three images, but just
seeing these three images is not enough.  It seems to me it could just
as well be something suboptimal in Okular specifically, or something
dependent on the resolution of your monitor, etc.  Certainly I've seen
fine rasterization done by other viewers in other cases.  I wonder if
there is some lower-level freetype tool that could be used to produce a

Also, you talk about "freetype rasterization".  Is it rasterizing the
Type 1 fonts, or something else?  Because if it's "something else", then
the question should go to whoever maintains that something else.

The AMS is maintaining the Computer Modern Type 1 fonts
(http://www.ams.org/tex/type1-fonts.html).  So if those are the ones in
question, the AMS is who should be contacted.

Finally, no one can do anything without the specific font file in
question and a way to reproduce it (and "look at it in Okular is not
enough" :).  The CM Type1's were updated a couple months ago (in the TeX
Live pretest now), and hinting was one area that was changed.


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