[tex-live] Landscape bug in LaTeX Beamer class from TeXLive 2008

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Oct 5 19:55:05 CEST 2009

Hi John,

Back in March, you wrote about landscape/beamer/dvips woes.  I'm not
sure where that stands.

    Two questions: i) is there or when will there be a fix available for the
    LaTeX class(es)? 

For the basic case of \documentclass[,landscape]{article} with no beamer
or pdfpages involved, please send the example file, etc., via the latex
bug report mechanism so the LaTeXers can examine it.  It would also be
helpful to them to see if it's already been reported.

    ii) Does anyone have a work-around which can be applied
    to a Beamer document which uses the pgfpages landscape option?

>From your followup msg, I gather dvips -t unknown did work around the
problem.  But I'm not sure where the real problem lies or if it can be
fixed.  Can you send me an example beamer+pdfpages document?


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