[tex-live] Some cleaning for the Catalogue

Alexander Cherepanov cherepan at mccme.ru
Fri Oct 2 21:24:36 CEST 2009

Hi all!

1. There are two entries with mixed-case ids (and filenames) in the 


Is it intentional?

2. Please consider attached patches which try to clean the Catalogue
a bit. Especially captions (because they go to shortdescs in tlpdb).

  Several entries have the same captions. Some of them are ok (similar
  packages) but some are erroneous (new entries were probably created
  by copying some existing entries and then caption was left
  unchanged). In the patch there are 10 new captions created from
  parts of description. Plus a couple of edited captions. Someone more
  fluent in English should check them (or recreate them).

  Corrects some typos.

  Corrects capitalization of some captions.

  Fixes some spurious spaces.

  Makes DOCTYPE in 'a4.xml' the same as in other .xml. And removes
  "<texlive location='bin-web'/>" from acrotex.xml (AFAICT acrotex is
  not in texlive and have no connection to bin-web at all).


  Get rid of (empty) tetex elements. I saw that you started to do it,
  this patch is for remaining 95 entries.

3. Most captions end with a dot but ~160 entries don't. First of all,
is a trailing point is really necessary? I thought that these captions
are more like titles than like, say, figure captions thus they
shouldn't have a trailing dot. Maybe I'm wrong. And maybe the answer
is different for texlive and for the Catalogue itself.

If a trailing dot is there to stay maybe it's better to add it into
all captions then. It could be done with the following command:

  # Force trailing dot in <caption>
  find . -name .svn -prune -o -type f -print | \
  xargs grep -l '[^.]</caption>' | \
  xargs perl -i -pe 's![. ]*</caption>!.</caption>!'

(find is used to skip .svn dirs and grep is used to touch only
necessary files). If patch is better for you, no problem I will send
one. Removing trailing dots is similar.

4. Similar question for a trailing colon in documentation details. ~90 
entries have one (or more) but most don't. A patch to remove them 
(details.patch) is also in the attached tarball.

Alexander Cherepanov

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