[tex-live] tlmgr --self

Uwe Siart uwe.siart at tum.de
Thu Jul 30 12:44:36 CEST 2009

preining at logic.at writes:

>> A feature request at this opportunity: What about an option
>> '--no-install' or '--no-auto-install' similar to the already existing
> Yes can be done, but after that they will never be installed
> automaitically because it has the same effect as --force remove. Is
> this what you want?

Hmmm. Actually not. But this is a good point. Now I brood again which
behaviour makes sense.

I would have expected that 'tlmgr update --all' brings the entire
installation to the state of the repository, regardless of a previous
'tlmgr update --no-install --all'. So that with every tlmgr call I can
decide whether to update only installed packages or whether to get
installed every available thing.

To my thinking it would then be self-evident that if someone removed
packages and he wants to keep them removed he must never call 'tlmgr
update --all'. So if someone wants to maintain a partially installed TL
he must be aware to use '--no-install --all' instead of '--all' alone.

That's what I would expect. But if this behaviour is not acceptable in
either case or if it takes too much effort to implement, don't care. It
would be nice to have but I can also live without.


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